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GF09 - Passive components for RF-applications


While active RF-components based on graphene have been intensively investigated, passive components are less explored, and little work has been done in related layered materials. There is an ever-expanding interest in microwave materials for the design of antennas and RF devices in applications such as wireless communication, healthcare and energy harvesting. It is essential to quantify how they react against the electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic energy in terms of reflection, refraction, absorption, etc. However, there are fundamental limits in the design of microwave antennas and devices based on conventional materials, such as dielectrics: as antennas are made smaller, the bandwidth shrinks, the radiation resistance is smaller, and efficiency reduces. For users, this decreases bit-rate, limits range, and shortens battery life.

This call topic targets the development and testing of passive components, such as antennas, electrical interconnects, heat-spreading layers, filters and MEMS for different applications in the field of high-frequency electronics. Novel microwave antennas and devices including on/off switchable shielding, self-mixing antennas and optically transparent devices can also be considered.

Proposals within this call topic should focus on the design and experimental realisation of passive components based on graphene and related materials (GRMs) targeting applications in the field of high-frequency electronics (microwave to THz frequencies). The realisation of those devices needs to be supported by modelling, in order to achieve a description of all passive components to be integrated in industrial design tool.
Complementarity is envisaged with WP4(High-frequency electronics), WP1(Materials), WP7(Sensors), WP8(flexible electronics), WP5(Optoelectronics). Consortia should have a minimum of one industrial partner.


All three objectives must be addressed:

  • Design and realization of passive RF-components based on GRMs. At least one component, either an antenna, an electrical interconnect or a filter, needs to be the focus of the proposal, while other passives, may be investigated additionally. The operation frequency of those components must fall in the frequency range from microwave to THz. 
  • Experimental verification of the component’s performance using state-of-the-art characterization techniques and assessment towards the specific requirements for the target application.
  • Applicants need to clearly indicate and discuss in the proposal the advantages of the envisioned passive component(s) with respect to conventional technologies.


  • Proof of principle demonstration of working prototype passive components based on GRMs.
  • Validation of the expected potential of those components with respect to existing technologies.
  • Provide the relevant parameters of those devices, which are needed for circuit design.



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