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GF07 - Integration of graphene and related materials (GRMs) with semiconductor devices: a scalable back-end approach


The integration of graphene and related materials (GRMs) with conventional semiconductor devices based on silicon, GaAs, GaN or InP will give rise to hybrid systems capable of exploiting the benefits of both sets of materials.

This call topic targets the back-end integration of GRMs on a semiconductor platform by developing an industrially scalable method for transfer and bonding of GRM films. The focus of the proposals should be on transfer and bonding of GRMs, and engineering the interface between GRM and semiconductor device. The potential of such hybrid systems, combining functionalities of the semiconductor materials and GRMs, should be demonstrated in a working integrated device
Complementarities are envisaged with WP4(High Frequency Electronics), WP5(Optoelectronics), WP7(Sensors), WP1(Materials), WP11(Production). Applicants need to demonstrate profound and proven expertise on industrial-scale semiconductor processing technologies. Consortia must have a minimum of one industrial partner.


  1. Proposals must address at least objective 1 and 2 for at least one GRM (i.e. graphene, MoS2, etc.),
  2. Develop a scalable route for wafer-scale integration of GRM films onto a semiconductor system. This should include the detachment of GRMs from the original carrier substrate, the handling and transfer of GRMs, substrate pre-treatment and GRM bonding to the semiconductor material. The final GRM film on the target substrate must show a carrier mobility larger than 4000 cm²/Vs (the proposal should address directly this target and convincingly demonstrate it can be reached by the project end)
    Design of GRM interaction with a semiconductor device in terms of electrical, mechanical, thermal and other contact properties, depending on the target application.
  3. The quality of the integrated GRM layers should be assessed using state-of-the-art metrology techniques. This is preferably done through collaboration with existing Flagship partners, which should be indicated in the proposal
  4. One possible application of such a hybrid system should be addressed


  • Scalable approach for GRM integration on a semiconductor platform.
  • Demonstrate the potential of GRM/ semiconductor hybrid system in an application within the field of High Frequency Electronics, Optoelectronics and/or Sensors.
  • Strengthen the interaction of the Flagship with semiconductor industry.

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